Henry Robert Green

This was given as a gift to my good friends who also happen to be new parents.

National Black Caucus of State Legislators 2017 Conference

I worked with National Black Caucus of State Legislators to brand their 2017 conference in Indianapolis, IN.    SaveSave SaveSave

Forcing the Bad Guys to Innovate

A spring webinar titled with the Talos tagline — forcing the bad guys to innovate.

Talos Spring Security Threat Briefing

A venus fly trap to gobble up security threats takes center stage in this promo image for an upcoming webinar.


A fun logo created for a group of my coworkers at Talos. Three versions for a range of uses.

LATAM Day T-Shirt

These t-shirts were printed to give to Latin American Cisco Security clients during their visit to the Talos office.  

Exploit Kits

A general illustration to be used by the Talos marketing team for exploit kit themed posts.