Henry Robert Green

This was given as a gift to my good friends who also happen to be new parents.

Holiday Card 2016

Our 2016 holiday card was super fun to make — I couldn’t leave out our cats!

Donut Percent Sign

Created to be part of AIGA Baltimore’s Glyphie, a social media campaign to promote Baltimore Design Week.

Bridal Shower Invitation

This DIY bridal shower invitation was designed and printed at home on water color paper.

Save the Date: Julie & Nick

I created these save the dates for my sister and her fiancé. The timeline style fits perfectly with their theme, history, and honors their home in Alexandria, Virginia.

Baby Jaxon

Created to be a baby gift for friends of mine.  


Created as an avatar and meme for my good friend, Evan.

20 Years from Now

Created as a Christmas gift for a friend.

Organic Farming

Created as the final project of an environmental english class at Ohio University. Inspired by The Oatmeal.